Radio Communications

radio communications

Marine radio communications equipment in Australia

If you are looking for a range of high-quality marine radio communications equipment, you are in the right place. Our purpose-manufactured range of equipment has been designed with the marine environment in mind. Durable and robust construction is the name of the game for the whole range, and only materials that are conducive to marine use have been used in the manufacture of both our portable and fixed units.

From VHF/HFSSB and ground-to-air systems to a range of radio direction finders, we can supply the marine radio communications equipment that you need. Whether you are ship agents for large vessels or a private user, we have a system to suit your specific requirements at a competitive price.  

Radio communications:

• Portables   • VHF/HFSSB   • Ground-to-air   • Radio Direction Finders  

Don’t waste time or money with inferior radio communications systems; talk to the team with the solutions here at Rubin Group today.

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Our marine systems include:

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Rubin Group is the exclusive importer and distributor for the highly specialised range of

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Call the Rubin Group now on 02 9439 2333 for more information

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