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Automation devices for marine applications across Australia

Our highly skilled technicians are familiar with all the ship-wide systems and products that we supply and maintain. Automation plays a vital part in the management of those systems and we are constantly updating our team with our industry’s latest developments and methodology. Our network of supply partners offers highly specialised components that are targeted specifically at our industry and the marine environment.

From components to fully customised automation systems, we can supply and maintain them all at any major Australian port. When you need prompt and efficient service, you need to talk to the dedicated team here at Rubin Group.  

We supply automation by:

• Bauser   • Meyle   • Neuron   • Spectrum Control

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Our range of electrical components includes:

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Rubin Group is the exclusive importer and distributor for the highly specialised range of

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Call us now on 02 9439 2333 for more information on our automation systems and components

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