Distress Beacons

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Reliable distress beacons in Australia

Along with every sector of our industry, we take marine safety very seriously. That is one of the reasons why we only supply our clients with high-quality proprietary brand marine products. Our range of distress beacons and lifebuoy lights are no exception, and we supply from the outstanding and reliable Jotron and Comet ranges.

We make no excuses for providing only top-quality products and equipment that are manufactured to the highest international marine standards. All of our distress beacons and other items of safety-related equipment have been designed with marine conditions in mind and have been fully tested to ensure long life and reliability.

We supply:

• Jotron personal beacons   • Jotron EPIRBS/SARTS   • Comet lifebuoy lights 

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Our marine systems include:

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Rubin Group is the exclusive importer and distributor for the highly specialised range of

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