Marine Tapes

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Highly effective marine tapes supplied across Australia

No ships locker should ever be without a range of marine tapes, and we have a wide selection available for prompt dispatch and delivery right across Australia. Made from a variety of materials that are perfectly suited for the marine environment, our tapes have proved an invaluable aid to our customers many times over.

From warning markers to temporary repairs, our marine tapes will provide a diverse range of solutions on a myriad number of occasions where the unforeseen happens or a component unexpectedly fails. Available in a variety of widths, lengths and strengths, our marine tapes are an indispensable item for any serious mariner.  

We carry the range of marine tapes from:

• Insulmastic

Contact the marine supply experts today at Rubin Group for more information concerning our range of marine tapes and other proprietary products.

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Our marine systems include:

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Rubin Group is the exclusive importer and distributor for the highly specialised range of

nyalic and yokogawa denshikiki

Call us now on 02 9439 2333 to find out about our full range of Insulmastic marine tapes and other products and supplies

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