Marine Windscreen Wipers

marine windscreen wipers

Marine windscreen wipers delivered to any major port in Australia

Just like everything else used in a marine environment, windscreen wipers and their power units need to be built to the highest standards to withstand tough conditions. Our range of marine windscreen wipers has been specifically designed to cope with the elements encountered at sea such as salt and corrosive winds. Water ingress is the number one concern for manufacturers, and to this end, all of the marine windscreen wipers that we supply to our clients are sealed using top-quality materials.

Thanks to our extensive experience within the marine supply and service industries, we have forged excellent working relationships with leading manufacturers and supply chains to ensure we provide the best products on the market.  

Our marine windscreen wipers:

• Wynstruments window wipers   • Roca

rubin group underscore

Our marine systems include:

rubin group underscore

Rubin Group is the exclusive importer and distributor for the highly specialised range of

nyalic and yokogawa denshikiki

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